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AOSEED Toy 3D Printer - X-Maker Joy
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AOSEED Kids 3D Printer Toys Banner
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AOSEED Kids 3D Printer Toys Banner
AOSEED Kids 3D Printer Toys Banner

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AOSEED X-MAKER JOY: A Smart 3D Printer for Kids Creating Endless Toys

AOSEED X-MAKER JOY: A Smart 3D Printer for Kids Creating Endless Toys

The X-MAKER JOY isn't just a 3D printer; it's a creative playground for young minds aged 4-12! Packed with features like a kid-friendly app, AI voice interaction, one-click printing, and more, it empowers kids to design, customize, and print their own toys, fostering creativity and turning playtime into creation time.

4-9 Ages Kids (Kid-Friendly Design)

Huge Toy Library, Professional-Quality Prints (0.1/0.05 Mm Precision)


AOSEED X-MAKER Easy 3D Printer for Kids

AOSEED X-MAKER: Kid-Friendly 3D Printing Revolution

Enhance learning through play with our 15+ gamification design mini-apps and enjoy wireless, one-press printing, Ideal for ages 9-16, the X-MAKER makes 3D printing accessible, educational, and fun. Transform play into innovation with AOSEED X-MAKER—your family's gateway to educational 3D printing. Simple, silent, and with superior quality.

Kids & Adults (Serious About 3Dprinting)

One-Click Print, Professional-Quality Prints (0.1/0.05 Mm Precision)

$489.00 $366.00 Save 25%

AOSEED Kids 3D Printer Toys Banner

Craft, Create, Innovate with X-MAKER: The Ultimate 3D Printing Solution

Transforming Ideas into Reality, Fun & Learning for Young Creators

AOSEED kids 3d printer plug and play


Plug & Play Ease

Ready out of the box, the AOSEED 3D Printer offers a seamless start-up experience with one-click printing, making it perfect for young creators.

AOSEED kids 3d printer Curated Creativity


Curated Creativity

Over 1500+ original designer models, updated weekly, ensure fresh inspiration and endless customization possibilities for your creative journey.

AOSEED kids 3d printer empower through design


Empower Through Design

Exclusive to AOSEED, 15+2 3D design apps focus on guiding children from basic to advanced design skills, nurturing creativity and problem-solving.

AOSEED kids 3d printer sustainability


Safety & Sustainability

Emphasizing user safety with non-toxic materials and an eco-friendly approach, AOSEED provides a secure environment for young users to explore and create.

AOSEED kids 3d printer unique toy models


Unique Toy Models

Unlike competitors, AOSEED's unique models, including mechas, robots, and cars, are designed to engage and challenge, elevating the best educational toys designing experience.

AOSEED kids 3d printer educational fun


Educational Fun

Bridging play with learning, our 3D printer introduces STEM concepts in an interactive way, making education an enjoyable journey of discovery and achievement.


Bring Ideas To Life with AOSEED App

The AOSEED App is a creative playground where kids sculpt, design, and assemble their 3D dreams. From sketching basic shapes to building with virtual blocks and adding personalized graphics, our intuitive tools and weekly updated library spark endless imagination.

A safe and easy-to-use 3D printer for kids, with minimal setup and a library of ready-to-print models. Ideal for introducing children ages 4-12 to the world of 3D printing.

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See How AOSEED Inspires Young Minds

Dive into influencer experiences with the AOSEED 3D printer, where firsthand accounts highlight its ease of use and creative potential.


Creativity Unlimited: Customising Your 3D Printed Accessories

Explore the endless possibilities of personalised manufacturing

AOSEED: Where Creativity Takes Seed

Empowering Kids to Design, Print, and Play

For over a decade, we've been at the forefront of making 3D printing accessible and engaging for families. Our innovative 3D Design Apps and Printers have empowered kids in over 5,000 schools and reached over a million users worldwide.


To empower kids to create endless toys with 3D printing and inspire them to learn through creation.


To make 3D printing a fun and accessible way for kids to explore their creativity and develop hands-on skills.

AOSEED Mini Kids Printer Factory - Discover More About Us
Innovate Easily, Inspire Continuously.

Imagine, Design, Create

Your imagination is the only limit. Dive into the #AOSEED3D challenge and show us how you're transforming concepts into tangible art. Together, we're building a world powered by creativity and innovation.


1. How easy is it to set up the AOSEED 3D Printer right out of the box?


Setting up your AOSEED 3D Printer is as simple as plug-and-play. With one-click printing and user-friendly software, you can start creating right away, making it perfect for both beginners and younger users.

2. Can I return the AOSEED 3D Printer if it doesn’t meet my expectations?


Absolutely! We offer a 14-day free trial. If the AOSEED 3D Printer doesn’t fully satisfy you, return it within 14 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

3. What kind of warranty does the AOSEED 3D Printer come with?


Your AOSEED 3D Printer is protected by a 1-year warranty covering any manufacturing defects or operational failures. Rest assured, we stand behind our products.

4. How does AOSEED support users after purchase?


AOSEED provides 24/7 lifetime customer support to assist with any questions or issues you may encounter, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable printing experience.

5. Are the materials used by the AOSEED 3D Printer safe and eco-friendly?


Yes, the AOSEED 3D Printer uses non-toxic, eco-friendly PLA materials, ensuring a safe printing environment for users of all ages, while also being mindful of the environment.

6. What makes the AOSEED 3D Printer models unique compared to competitors like Toybox and Kokoni?


AOSEED focuses on quality and creativity, offering over 1500+ designer-curated models that are more engaging and updated weekly, plus special functions for model customization and re-design.

7. How can the AOSEED 3D Printer contribute to my child’s education?


The AOSEED 3D Printer is an exceptional tool for learning, offering tutorials that cover the fundamentals of 3D modeling, creative projects, and safety guides, all while making STEM education fun and engaging.

8. How can my son or daughter get the most out of the AOSEED 3D Printer?


Encourage them to explore the AOSEED app, which is packed with tutorials, creative projects, and safety guides. They can start with simple designs and gradually move to more complex projects, making learning fun and engaging.

9. Are there any games or apps that can be used with the AOSEED 3D Printer?


Absolutely! The AOSEED 3D Printer comes with a gamified app that makes designing and printing fun and interactive. Your child can play design games, earn rewards, and even share their creations with friends.

10. What kind of prints can we make quickly with the AOSEED 3D Printer?


With its one-click printing feature, you can produce a variety of models quickly, from simple toys to intricate designs. The printer’s high-speed mode ensures that you spend less time waiting and more time creating.

11. My kids love to play with action figures. Can they print their own new toys?


Absolutely! The AOSEED 3D Printer comes with a library of over 1,500 designer models, including robots, mechs, and cars. Your kids can customize these designs, or even create their own action figures from scratch!

12. Can I get quick prints for school projects with the AOSEED?


You bet! The AOSEED X-MAKER has a one-click printing feature that makes it super easy to get quick prints for school projects. No need to mess with complicated software – just choose your design and hit print.