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By considering your child's age, interests, and desired level of complexity, you can choose the AOSEED X-MAKER that will spark their creativity and fuel their passion for 3D printing!

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AOSEED X-MAKER JOY: A Smart 3D Printer for Kids Creating Endless Toys

AOSEED X-MAKER JOY: A Smart 3D Printer for Kids Creating Endless Toys

The X-MAKER JOY isn't just a 3D printer; it's a creative playground for young minds aged 4-12! Packed with features like a kid-friendly app, AI voice interaction, one-click printing, and more, it empowers kids to design, customize, and print their own toys, fostering creativity and turning playtime into creation time.

4-9 Ages Kids (Kid-Friendly Design)

Huge Toy Library, Professional-Quality Prints (0.1/0.05 Mm Precision)


X-MAKER JOY Family Pack: Unleash Your Creativity with Various Vibrant Filaments

X-MAKER JOY Family Pack: Unleash Your Creativity with Various Vibrant Filaments

Unleash your inner artist, engineer, or maker with this unbeatable combination of a top-tier 3D printer and an assortment of eye-catching filaments.

4-9 Ages Kids (Kid-Friendly Design)

Toy Customizer & Colorful Filaments Selection, Precise Prints (0.1/0.05 Mm Precision)


AOSEED X-MAKER Easy 3D Printer for Kids

AOSEED X-MAKER: Kid-Friendly 3D Printing Revolution

Enhance learning through play with our 15+ gamification design mini-apps and enjoy wireless, one-press printing, Ideal for ages 9-16, the X-MAKER makes 3D printing accessible, educational, and fun. Transform play into innovation with AOSEED X-MAKER—your family's gateway to educational 3D printing. Simple, silent, and with superior quality.

Kids & Adults (Serious About 3Dprinting)

One-Click Print, Professional-Quality Prints (0.1/0.05 Mm Precision)

$489.00 $366.00 Save 25%

X-Racer 3D Toy Car with Detailed Design

X-Racer: Unlimited Racing Car Creation Kit

X-Racer is the ultimate creation kit for young racing enthusiasts. It lets them design, build, and race their own custom remote-controlled cars!

6-16 Ages Kids (Kid-Friendly Design)

Powerfully Simple Apps, Kids Develop Creativity, Problem-solving Skills


X-MAKER Family Pack: Creative Educational Powerhouse for Young Creators

X-MAKER Family Pack: Creative Educational Powerhouse for Young Creators

Unleash your creativity with the AOSEED 3D printer Family Pack. This comprehensive package includes the advanced AOSEED X-MAKER 3D printer and a set of 8 vibrant filaments in different colors.

Kids & Adults (Serious About 3Dprinting)

Colorful Filaments Selection, Professional-Quality Prints (0.1/0.05 Mm Precision)

$529.00 $399.00 Save 25%



AOSEED X-KIT is an unlimited robot creation kit made for 3D Printing. X-KIT includes a hub, servo motors, sensors, connectors, additional tools, and more importantly a fantastic easy-to-use app for the whole family.

6-12 Ages Kids (Kid-Friendly Design)

User-friendly App, Educational Toy builds STEM Skills


AOSEED X-Auto 3D Toy Car for Kids

X-Auto: Mini Remote Control Car Educational Toy

X-Auto is the perfect creation kit for budding car enthusiasts. It enables kids to design, build, and race their own custom mini remote-controlled cars!

4-9 Ages Kids (Kid-Friendly Design)

Powerfully Simple Apps, Unlimited Fun with RC Car Customized

$19.99 $16.99 Save 15%

AOSEED X-Fun Robotic Toy Creations

X-Fun: Create, Play, and Learn educational Toy Kit

X-Fun is an innovative toy creation kit that transforms the concept of play by integrating 3D printing technology with interactive, educational, and fun toy making.

4-12 Ages Kids (Kid-Friendly Design)

Powerfully Simple Apps, Unlimited Fun with Toys Customized

$26.99 $22.99 Save 15%

AOSEED X-Music Kids 3D Fun Toy Creations

X-Music: Fairy-Tale Music Box Creation Kit

X-Music is a captivating creation kit that allows kids and adults alike to design, build, and enjoy their own personalized music boxes, blending classic charm with modern technology.

4-12 Ages Kids (Kid-Friendly Design)

Powerfully Simple Apps, Unlimited Fun with Music Box Customized


AOSEED PLA Filament 1.75mm for X-MAKER/X-MAKER JOY

AOSEED PLA Filament 1.75mm for X-MAKER/X-MAKER JOY

AOSEED colorful PLA filament 1.75mm. Nontoxic and Environmentally friendly!

Suitable for any kind of 3D Printer

High-Quality Filament, Safe & Environmentally Friendly



Age Group



Geared towards slightly older users, offering a balance between ease of use and some advanced features.

Design Tools

Offers a wider range of design tools, including advanced features for creating your own unique models.

Print Settings

Provides detailed control over print settings, enabling customization of print quality and speed preferences.

Print Preview Screen


Support Filament



Age Group



Prioritizes extreme ease of use and offers a simplified, user-friendly interface specifically designed for younger users.

Design Tools

Offers a curated selection of kid-friendly design tools specifically designed for intuitive creation.

Print Settings

Provides simplified print settings with presets for optimal results. User has less control over individual parameters.

Print Preview Screen


Support Filament



Your Creative Command Cente

Your All-in-One Hub for 3D Printing Education Fun

The app is the core of your 3D printing journey, offering an extensive model library, intuitive design tools, seamless print management, and customizable settings to enhance creativity and ease of use.

AOSEED X-MAKER 3d Printer Software


Dive deeper into the exciting world of 3D printing and educational toys with the AOSEED Learning Center. Explore 3D printing education through interactive tutorials, 3D printing glossary, creative challenges, and inspiring projects for all skill levels.

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1. What is a 3D printer, and how does it work?


Imagine a magical machine that can turn your drawings or ideas into real objects! A 3D printer uses a special kind of plastic called filament and builds your creation layer by layer, just like frosting a cake

2. Can I make anything with a 3D printer?


Almost! There are tons of cool pre-designed models you can print, like dinosaurs, robots, or even your own name. Plus, some 3D printers have tools that let you design your own creations – the possibilities are endless!

3. How long does it take to print something?


The printing time depends on the size and complexity of your design. Simple models can be ready in 30 minutes, while bigger or more detailed creations might take a few hours. But hey, waiting is part of the fun – it builds anticipation for your awesome 3D masterpiece!

4. How exactly does a 3D printer build things?


Think of a 3D printer as a tiny robot chef following a recipe. Instead of ingredients, it uses a thin plastic thread called filament. Here's the breakdown:

  • The Recipe: Your 3D printer receives instructions from a computer file called a 3D model. This file tells the printer exactly what to build, layer by layer.
  • The Spool: The filament, usually PLA (a safe, eco-friendly plastic), is stored on a spool.
  • The Hot End: This part acts like the chef's oven. It heats the filament until it melts into a liquid.
  • The Nozzle: Imagine this as the chef's piping bag. The melted plastic is pushed through a tiny hole at the nozzle's tip.
  • The Build Platform: This is the flat surface where your creation takes shape. The nozzle moves back and forth, depositing tiny lines of melted plastic according to the 3D model instructions.
  • Layer by Layer: The printer cools down each layer of plastic before adding the next one, slowly building your 3D object line by line.

5. What are some of the things to consider when choosing a 3D printer?


Here are a few factors to think about:

  • Age suitability: Different printers cater to different age groups. Some might have more complex settings, while others prioritize ease of use for younger children.
  • Print size: Consider the dimensions of objects you want to print. Some printers have a larger build volume, allowing for bigger creations.
  • Ease of use: Look for a printer with a user-friendly app that's easy for kids to navigate.
  • Safety features: Enclosed printing areas and low-temperature printing are important safety considerations.
  • Filament compatibility: Choose a printer that uses PLA filament, a safe and readily available material.

6. What resources can help me learn more about 3D printing?


The world of 3D printing is full of exciting possibilities! Here are some resources to keep your learning journey going:

  • AOSEED Learning Center: This online resource offers tutorials, project ideas, and a glossary of terms to help you master the basics of 3D printing.
  • Online communities: There are many online forums and groups dedicated to 3D printing enthusiasts. These communities are a great place to ask questions, share ideas, and get inspired by other creators
  • Books and websites: Many resources offer in-depth information about 3D printing technology, design tips, and even free 3D models you can download and print!

7. What if my child makes a mistake while designing?


No worries! Both the X-MAKER and X-MAKER JOY apps offer user-friendly interfaces and the ability to undo or redo steps. Additionally, the AOSEED Learning Center provides helpful tutorials and troubleshooting tips.

8. How can a 3D printer for kids turn their drawings into toys?


Imagine your kids' doodles coming to life as real toys! With the AOSEED X-MAKER and X-MAKER JOY, they can draw their designs in the app, and the printer will create them layer by layer. It's like magic! Whether it's a rocket ship or a favorite character, kids will love seeing their imagination transformed into tangible toys. This process is not only fun but also sparks creativity and problem-solving skills in preschoolers and older children alike.

9. Can my child create custom toys with a AOSEED X Maker?


Absolutely! The AOSEED 3D printers are perfect for kids who love to personalize their playthings. Using the easy-to-navigate app, they can tweak pre-designed models or start from scratch to make something truly unique. The process of customizing toys helps them learn about design and engineering in a playful, engaging way. Plus, it's a great change from traditional games, offering a hands-on, educational experience that's both fun and fulfilling.

10. Are there any safety features for AOSEED 3D printers?


Yes, AOSEED 3D printers are designed with safety in mind, especially for curious little hands. The X-MAKER and X-MAKER JOY have enclosed printing areas and use low-temperature PLA filament, which is safe and eco-friendly. These features ensure that while your kids are busy creating their toys, you can have peace of mind. Plus, the printers are quiet and reliable, so they won't disrupt the household. It's a great way to introduce preschoolers and older kids to the world of 3D printing safely and enjoyably.


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