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A Safe And Easy-To-Use 3D Printer For Kids, With Minimal Setup And A Library Of Ready-To-Print Models. Ideal For Introducing Children Ages 4-12 To The World Of 3D Printing.

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AOSEED 3d Printed Toys

Sarah L.

Mom of 2

X-Maker JOY is a game-changer for my kids!

My kids were begging for a 3D printer, but I worried it would be too complicated. X-Maker JOY is perfect! The app is so easy to use, even my 7-year-old can design his own toys. They love the pre-made models and the fun characters they can create. Plus, it's quiet enough for me to work in the same room - a win all around!

David K.

Dad & Tech Enthusiast

From dinosaurs to robots, X-Maker fuels our imagination!

My son has always been fascinated by dinosaurs and robots. X-Maker has been a dream come true! The huge model library gives him endless inspiration, and the design tools are easy for him to learn. The quality of the prints is amazing, and we love seeing his creations come to life in 3D!

Jessica M.

Busy Mom

The perfect bonding experience for our family!

I wanted to find an activity that would get us all off screens and spending quality time together. X-Maker has been amazing! We love designing toys together - it's so much fun to see their ideas come to life. It's also a great learning experience for them, and they pick up new skills with every print.

Emily P.

Elementary School Teacher

X-MAKER is like magic - my students are hooked!

I was looking for a way to integrate 3D printing into my STEM curriculum, and X-MAKER is perfect! It's so easy to use, and the kids love the gamified design features in the app. They're learning about design concepts, problem-solving, and spatial reasoning while having a blast. It's been a huge hit in the classroom!

Michael A.

Dad & Artist

X-Maker JOY has rekindled my own creativity!

I've always loved creating things, and X-Maker JOY has given me a whole new outlet for my imagination. The design tools are surprisingly powerful, and I love being able to bring my digital ideas to life in 3D. It's a fun way to unwind and explore new creative possibilities.

AOSEED X-Maker 3d Toy Creations

Lisa N.


The AOSEED customer service is fantastic!

We had a minor issue with our X-Maker JOY, but AOSEED's customer service was amazing! They were incredibly helpful and responsive, and they resolved the problem quickly and efficiently. It's great to know they stand behind their products.

Daniel O.

Dad & Entrepreneur

X-Maker opens doors to a world of possibilities!

I'm so impressed with what X-Maker can do. It's not just about printing toys-it's about encouraging creativity, exploration, and problem-solving. It's a valuable tool for kids of all ages, and I can't wait to see what they create next!

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