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The Future of Learning: Integrating 3D Design and Printing into K1-K5 Curricula


The Future of Learning: Integrating 3D Design and Printing into K1-K5 Curricula


July 09, 2024

AOSEED Series Shines at GESS Exhibition Saudi Arabia

We are excited to share the success of our recent participation in the GESS Exhibition Saudi Arabia through our esteemed partner. Our AOSEED series products were met with enthusiastic approval from educators, administrators, and other attendees, all of whom were captivated by the innovative features and ease of use of our education solutions.

Positive Reception from Educators

The GESS Exhibition, known for being a hub of educational innovation, was the perfect venue to showcase our AOSEED series. School administrators and teachers were particularly impressed with the user-friendly interface and the engaging nature of our solutions designed specifically for K-8 students. They highlighted the interactive elements and the way AOSEED App makes learning both fun and effective.

Engaging and Effective Education Solutions

Our products are crafted with the aim of making education an enjoyable experience while ensuring it remains effective. By incorporating interactive tools and intuitive designs, we’ve created a solution that not only captures the attention of young learners but also supports teachers in delivering comprehensive and engaging lessons.

Feedback that Inspires

The positive comments and feedback from the exhibition visitors are a testament to the quality and impact of AOSEED. Hearing firsthand from educators about how our products can transform their teaching methods and enhance student engagement is incredibly motivating. It reinforces our commitment to continuous innovation and improvement in this technology field.

A Word of Thanks

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partner for representing us so effectively at the exhibition. Their dedication and hard work have been instrumental in showcasing AOSEED to a wider audience. We also want to thank all the school administrators and teachers who took the time to visit our partner’s stand and provide their valuable insights.

Thank you for your continuous support and interest in AOSEED. Stay tuned for more updates and developments as we continue our journey. 

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July 10, 2024

Empower Kids' Imagination with AOSEED X-MAKER JOY 3D Printer: A Creative Adventure

Imagination is a powerful force that can propel children to dream, create, and explore endless possibilities. As parents, we are constantly seeking ways to nurture and inspire our kids' imaginations. One innovative tool capturing the attention of both parents and children alike is the AOSEED X-MAKER JOY 3D Printer. This cutting-edge technology is not only a tool for creating tangible objects but also serves as a catalyst for unleashing the boundless creativity that resides within every child.

The AOSEED X-MAKER JOY 3D Printer is specifically designed with a user-friendly interface, providing a simple and straightforward experience that captivates youthful minds. With its One-Click Printing feature, kids can transform their ideas into reality in no time. The 3D design app included with the printer is super fun and features a variety of models and easy-to-use LEGO-style functions, ensuring perfect prints every time. It's perfect for kids eager to showcase their creativity!

Nurture Their Minds and Hearts at the Same Time

You're always thinking of new and fun ways to nurture your kids into strong, confident individuals, and the X-MAKER JOY is an innovative way to achieve that. Here are five potential benefits 3D printing can bring to your children:

#1 Empowerment

One of the greatest joys of using the X-MAKER JOY is the sense of empowerment it gives to kids. As they design and print their creations, they develop a sense of ownership and pride in their work. They learn to think critically, problem-solve, and innovate as they bring their ideas to life. The process of designing, printing, and iterating helps kids develop essential skills such as spatial reasoning, geometry, and logical thinking, setting them up for success in an increasingly digital and innovative world.

#2 Parallel Thinking

The X-MAKER JOY encourages kids to think outside the box. With its compatibility with almost all platforms and an extensive model database, kids can explore various design concepts from engineering and architecture to art and fashion. The gamified 3D design app adds an element of fun and adventure to the creative process, igniting kids' curiosity and encouraging them to push their creative limits. Parallel thinking and problem-solving are becoming crucial skills for tomorrow's adults—imagine your kids developing this mindset from the start!

#3 Imagination

Beyond technical skills, the X-MAKER JOY fosters imagination and storytelling. Kids can create their own characters, props, and scenes for imaginative play or storytelling. They can print custom toys, jewelry, or gifts for themselves or loved ones. The possibilities are endless, and the sense of accomplishment and joy that kids experience when they see their creations come to life is immeasurable.

#4 Collaboration

AOSEED also promotes collaboration and social interaction. Kids can work together on group projects, brainstorm ideas, and design collaboratively. They can share their designs with friends or family, creating a sense of community and camaraderie. The X-MAKER JOY encourages kids to share, learn from each other, and collaborate, fostering essential social skills such as communication, teamwork, and empathy.

#5 Sustainability

In addition to its user-friendly design and safety features, the 3D printer is committed to sustainability. AOSEED offers eco-friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable PLA filament options for printing, reducing the environmental impact of the printing process. It also encourages kids to think about sustainability in their designs, promoting awareness of environmental issues and responsible use of resources. This aligns with the values of many parents concerned about technology's impact on the environment and looking for sustainable options for their children's activities.

A Tool for Learning and Creativity

The AOSEED X-MAKER JOY is not only a tool for creativity but also for learning. It integrates STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education seamlessly into the creative process, making it a valuable educational resource for kids. As they design and print their creations, they learn about geometry, measurements, and spatial reasoning. They also develop problem-solving skills as they troubleshoot and optimize their prints. The X-MAKER 3D Printer provides a hands-on learning experience that is engaging and fun, sparking curiosity and fostering a love for learning in kids.

Affordable and Durable

Another significant advantage is its affordability compared to other 3D printers on the market. AOSEED aims to make 3D printing accessible to all kids, offering a cost-effective option for parents who want to provide their children with a tool for creativity and learning without breaking the bank. The printer's durability and reliability ensure a long-lasting investment that kids can enjoy for years to come.

Creating Precious Moments

Parents can join in the creative process, designing and printing alongside their kids, creating precious bonding moments and memories. The X-MAKER JOY offers a unique opportunity for parents to connect with their kids on a different level, sharing in their excitement and witnessing their growth and development as they explore their creativity.


Hop into creativity with AOSEED and embark on a creative adventure with your kids. Watch as their imagination takes flight and witness the joy and pride they experience as they bring their ideas to life. With its innovative features, affordability, and commitment to sustainability, this 3D printer is truly a game-changer in empowering kids' creativity and sparking their imagination. Don't miss out on this incredible tool that can inspire a world of creativity for your children. Order your AOSEED X-MAKER JOY 3D Printer today and embark on a creative journey that will leave a lasting impact on your kids' lives.


June 27, 2024

The Future of Learning: How 3D Printing is Revolutionizing Education

Explore the educational revolution with AOSEED,......


June 19, 2024

Bringing Your Imagination to Life: The Magic of 3D Printing

Discover how AOSEED is making it possible for dreamers of all ages to turn their imaginative ideas into tangible realities, right from the comfort of their homes.


July 09, 2024

🚀 Exciting Times at BETT Show with X-MAKER 3D Printer and X-MAKER JOY 3D Printer!

Last week, we had the incredible opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge X-MAKER 3D printer and X-MAKER JOY 3D printer at the BETT show, the world's leading education technology event. With over 30,000 members of the global education community, including education changemakers, innovative EdTech providers, game-changing governments, and charities, the event was nothing short of spectacular!

🌐 Global Reach

Being part of an event that brought together over 30,000 professionals from around the world was an experience like no other. The global education community truly embraced the potential of our 3D printers, and we were thrilled to be at the forefront of the conversation.

🎓 Engaging with Changemakers

The event was with over 300 world-class speakers sharing their insights and expertise. Engaging with education changemakers allowed us to understand the evolving needs of the education sector and how our products can contribute to innovative learning experiences.

👧🏽 Inspiring the Next Generation

One of the highlights was the participation of over 2000 children at the BETT show. Witnessing kids' enthusiasm and curiosity as they interacted with our X-MAKER 3D printers reaffirmed our commitment to inspiring the next generation of creators and thinkers.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who visited our booth, engaged in meaningful conversations, and contributed to making our BETT show experience unforgettable. Your support fuels our passion for creating innovative solutions for education.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to revolutionize learning with our X-MAKER 3D printer and X-MAKER JOY 3D printer!

AOSEED Award and Prize Offer

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July 09, 2024

Exploring the Future of environmental Conservation

3D Printing Workshop with AOSEED X-MAKER V4.0

With today's technology and sustainability go hand-in-hand, Frank, the professor from Chongqing University has organized an excellent STEM Summer Camp on environmental conservation and landscape enhancement.

This learning experience was brought to life by using the AOSEED X-MAKER 3D printer to create a small botanical landscape idea that perfectly blended 3D design printing with a focus on nature.

  • Unveiling the STEM Camp's Objectives:

The camp's mission was clear: to immerse us in the world of environmental protection through the lens of modern technology.

The attendees embarked on this project that aimed to:

    1. Raise awareness about the urgent need for environmental conservation.
    2. Demonstrate the real-world applications of 3D printing in crafting elements for landscape projects.
    3. Cultivate a spirit of creativity and innovation among participants.
    • Crafting the STEM Experience:

    The STEM camp was such a great show of learning, engagement, and tangible creation in several captivating acts:

    Act 1: Introduction to Environmental Protection

    The curtain rose with an enlightening talk on the significance of safeguarding our environment. We delved into the interconnections between environmental health and our quality of life.

     Act 2: The Art of 3D Printing

    Lights focused on the star of the show: AOSEED X-MAKER V4.0. We were introduced to the magic behind 3D printing – a technology that fuses layers of material and brings their creative ideas to life. The relationship between                  technology and nature was beautifully highlighted.

    Act 3: Designing with Purpose
    With newfound knowledge, we embarked on our creative journey, designing intricate yet functional plant pots that are captivating hive shaped.           

    Guided by the principles of X-MAKER easy used 3D design app, called Magic3D, we created pieces that would echo our commitment to environmental betterment.

    Act 4: Printing and Planting
    As the digital designs danced into reality, the AOSEED X-MAKER 3D Printer weaved its magic. We marveled as layer after layer formed their creations. With elements in hand, it was time to embrace the green side of the workshop – assembling the pieces and planting foliage.

    • Reflecting on the Outcomes:

    Empowered Awareness: We were left with a profound awareness of their role in environmental protection.
    A great meeting with Technology: The workshop demystified 3D printing, allowing us to witness firsthand how technology aligns with eco-conscious practices.
    Spark Creativity: The designs became a canvas for creative expression, showcasing both individuality and a shared commitment to a greener world.
    Real-Life Tokens: We are going to decorate our home and schools with these plant pots, it is such a living reminder of the commitment.

    • The Harmony of Technology and Nature:

    Integrating 3D printing into environmental projects carries a wealth of significance. 3D printing operates on a "less is more" principle, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency, a rhythm that resonates with environmental stewardship. The workshop bridged STEM education with environmental advocacy, nurturing an understanding that will shape future.

        As the workshop's final curtain fell, it
        was clear that a seed of change had
        been planted. This amalgamation of
        technology and environmental
        consciousness is only the beginning.
        The journey ahead holds the
        promise of broader 3D printing
        adoption for environmental projects
        and a canvas were innovation
        paints a greener tomorrow.
        Stay tuned for more AOSEED
        stories of innovation, sustainability,
        and the brilliant interplay between
        technology and nature.

    AOSEED Lina

    July 09, 2024

    A Day in the Life of Creative 3D

    Aurus Private Primary School believes that creativity is the key to unlocking the students' full potential. That's why they are always looking for new and innovative ways to incorporate creative activities into students’ curriculum.

    One of the most exciting recent initiatives has been the introduction of 3D design and 3D printing courses, made possible with the help of AOSEED and its X-MAKER V4.0 3D printer. As soon as the students arrive in the classroom, they are greeted by the sight of AOSEED X-MAKER, turning their classroom into a digital and smart classroom.

    At today’s class, the students are going to work on designing a rocket with 3D design software. The students are divided into three groups, and each group has a range of tasks to fulfill:

    1. Be able to use the 3D design software
    2. Be able to design a rocket with the 3D design software
    3. Be able to evaluate the design work from others.
    4. Be able to list 3 reasons to state the evaluation.

    All of the three groups work diligently on their rocket designs, using their imaginations to create unique masterpieces that reflect their reorganizations and styles on space and rockets. With the help of AOSEED X-MAKER App, Michael, the young teacher that teaches 3D design, is able to easily guide the students and fix their problems through the 3D design process, making it a great teaching tool. As the students proudly display their finished rockets, Michael told everyone about having a small contest through an automatic lucky draw.

    The lucky winner will be awarded a 3D-printed rocket miniature made by AOSEED X-MAKER. This has been the highlight of the whole class.

    It is clear that the introduction of 3D design and 3D printing has been a success at Aurus. The students have not only learned valuable skills in 3D design technology but have also been able to exercise their creativity in a digital classroom environment.

    Thanks to AOSEED X-MAKER, the young teacher Michael showed his appreciation and credits the advantage of teaching resources and tools that make teaching 3D design and printing processes much easier, regardless of the limitation of 3D technology knowledge. This includes access to a library of 3D models called “Things”, 15 built-in mini applications called “Theme”, two professional 3D design software, various lesson plans, as well as training materials. The use of AOSEED EDU Solutions has made the process of teaching 3D design and 3D printing much easier and more effective for educators and parents, transforming the classroom into a smart and digital learning environment, so that they are able to easily incorporate the 3D technology into their guidance for children, without the need for extensive training, professional skills, or technical knowledge. It has provided the resources and support to implement creative 3D design courses into the curriculum at primary schools and secondary schools. The X-MAKER V4.0 is a high-quality, easy-to-use 3D printer that has allowed students to bring their designs to life and thrive in the modern digital classroom.

    We have seen firsthand how the creative 3D design courses have benefited the students. They have developed their creativity, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking in this smart classroom setting. It is exciting to see what the young creators will achieve in the years to come. Be confident! They will continue to thrive and make a positive impact on the world.


    AOSEED Lina

    July 09, 2024

    Save $85 on AOSEED EDU Pack - Limited Time Offer!

    Are you looking for a fun and educational way to inspire your kids or students? Do you want to unleash their creativity and innovation with 3D printing and robotics elements?

    If you do, then you cannot miss this amazing deal from AOSEED!

    For a limited time only, you can get the AOSEED EDU Pack for only $484 (original price $569). That’s a whopping $85 off!

    The AOSEED EDU Pack includes an X-MAKER V4.0 3D Printer and an X-KIT robot toy kit. The X-MAKER V4.0 is a high-performance kids-friendly 3D printer that can print various models with ease and precision. The X-KIT is a DIY robot toy kit that can be assembled and programmed with simple drag-and-drop Coding. With this STEM solution pack, you can teach your kids or students the basics of 3D printing and robotics and let them explore their own ideas and projects. It’s a great way to enhance their STEM skills and spark their curiosity.

    PLUS, this discount is also valid for our X-MAKER V4.0 3D Printer! So, hurry, the deal lasts until the end of August. Don’t miss this chance to get the AOSEED EDU Pack at this incredible price!

    Celebrate Children's Day with AOSEED 3D Printer: Unleashing Young Artists and Inventors

    Celebrate Children's Day with AOSEED 3D Printer: Unleashing Young Artists and Inventors

    AOSEED Fun Toy Creations

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