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We Believe All Originalities Are Found In The Tiny Seeds Of Fun Creations.

A Seed of Creativity, Blossoming into a World of Possibility

AOSEED is more than just a company; it's a movement. We're passionate about nurturing the next generation of innovators and dreamers. By placing the power of 3D printing in the hands of children, we're empowering them to create the future, one imaginative masterpiece at a time. We are a high-tech company founded in 2011, with brand AOSEED. For over a decade, we have been dedicated to nurturing children's creativity and hands-on skills, developing innovative 3D creative design, and 3D printing education and toy products for families and children. We adhere to the philosophy of "creating toys beyond just playing with them, empowering kids to learn through creation". Now our education products have entered over 5000 schools and training institutions, with over a million users. The AOSEED X-MAKER series of smart kids' 3D printer products are bestsellers in over 30 countries and regions worldwide, empowering kids worldwide to create endless toys and creative works, inspiring their creativity, imagination, and hands-on abilities. We persistently strive to provide high-quality products for families and kids. Our products have gained numerous honors and certifications, including the German iF Product Design Award, as well as CE, ROHS, FCC ID, and many other international certifications.

AOSEED Kids Educational 3D Printer Toys Banner
AOSEED Kids 3D Printer Toys Banner
AOSEED Kids 3D Printer Toys Banner

A Seed of Creativity, Blossoming into a World of Possibility



We Believe Every Child Holds The Potential For Boundless Creativity. Just Like A Tiny Seed Holds The Promise Of A Magnificent Bloom, So Too Does A Child's Imagination Hold The Potential For Endless Possibilities. We Envision A World Where 3D Printing Unlocks This Hidden Potential, Empowering Kids To Become Creators, Not Just Consumers.


Create Toys Beyond Just Playing With Toys, Unlock Kid's Imagination With 3D Printing.

About Us

We Empower Kids To Create Endless Toys With 3D Printing And Inspire Them To Learn Through Creation. We're Dedicated To Encouraging Kids To Explore Create In Unprecedented Ways.

Unprecedented Avenues Of Creativity.

All Originate from a Seed.
All Originate from a Seed.
All Originate from a Seed.
All Originate from a Seed.
All Originate from a Seed.
All Originate from a Seed.





Innovation Through Play:

We believe that the greatest ideas begin with the simplest forms of play. Our products are designed to transform fun into the seeds of ingenuity, allowing children to learn, grow, and create through hands-on experience.

Quality in Creation:

We are committed to delivering excellence. From the prestigious German iF Product Design Award to international certifications like CE, ROHS, and FCC ID, our Products meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Educational Empowerment:

Our mission extends beyond the home and into classrooms worldwide. With over a decade of experience, we've seen our educational products nurture the creativity of over a million students, encouraging them to think beyond the conventional and explore new possibilities of creation.

Accessible Technology:

We strive to demystify 3D printing technology, making it accessible for families and children. AOSEED's user-friendly software and intuitive printers are designed to open up a world where any child can operate their own toy factory, right from their living room.

Community and Support:

AOSEED is more than a product; it's a community. We provide ongoing support to families and educators, ensuring that the journey of learning and creation is continuous, supported, and ever-evolving.

Sustainability in Innovation:

We understand that our children's future is tied to the health of our planet. As such, we are dedicated to sustainable practices in our manufacturing processes and encourage the responsible use of resources through our products and educational materials.