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A Day in the Life of Creative 3D

A Day in the Life of Creative 3D

Aurus Private Primary School believes that creativity is the key to unlocking the students' full potential. That's why they are always looking for new and innovative ways to incorporate creative activities into students’ curriculum.

One of the most exciting recent initiatives has been the introduction of 3D design and 3D printing courses, made possible with the help of AOSEED and its X-MAKER V4.0 3D printer. As soon as the students arrive in the classroom, they are greeted by the sight of AOSEED X-MAKER, turning their classroom into a digital and smart classroom.

At today’s class, the students are going to work on designing a rocket with 3D design software. The students are divided into three groups, and each group has a range of tasks to fulfill:

  1. Be able to use the 3D design software
  2. Be able to design a rocket with the 3D design software
  3. Be able to evaluate the design work from others.
  4. Be able to list 3 reasons to state the evaluation.

All of the three groups work diligently on their rocket designs, using their imaginations to create unique masterpieces that reflect their reorganizations and styles on space and rockets. With the help of AOSEED X-MAKER App, Michael, the young teacher that teaches 3D design, is able to easily guide the students and fix their problems through the 3D design process, making it a great teaching tool. As the students proudly display their finished rockets, Michael told everyone about having a small contest through an automatic lucky draw.

The lucky winner will be awarded a 3D-printed rocket miniature made by AOSEED X-MAKER. This has been the highlight of the whole class.

It is clear that the introduction of 3D design and 3D printing has been a success at Aurus. The students have not only learned valuable skills in 3D design technology but have also been able to exercise their creativity in a digital classroom environment.

Thanks to AOSEED X-MAKER, the young teacher Michael showed his appreciation and credits the advantage of teaching resources and tools that make teaching 3D design and printing processes much easier, regardless of the limitation of 3D technology knowledge. This includes access to a library of 3D models called “Things”, 15 built-in mini applications called “Theme”, two professional 3D design software, various lesson plans, as well as training materials. The use of AOSEED EDU Solutions has made the process of teaching 3D design and 3D printing much easier and more effective for educators and parents, transforming the classroom into a smart and digital learning environment, so that they are able to easily incorporate the 3D technology into their guidance for children, without the need for extensive training, professional skills, or technical knowledge. It has provided the resources and support to implement creative 3D design courses into the curriculum at primary schools and secondary schools. The X-MAKER V4.0 is a high-quality, easy-to-use 3D printer that has allowed students to bring their designs to life and thrive in the modern digital classroom.

We have seen firsthand how the creative 3D design courses have benefited the students. They have developed their creativity, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking in this smart classroom setting. It is exciting to see what the young creators will achieve in the years to come. Be confident! They will continue to thrive and make a positive impact on the world.


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