X-Fun: Create, Play, and Learn Toy Creation Kit

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X-Fun is an innovative toy creation kit that transforms the concept of play by integrating 3D printing technology with interactive, educational, and fun toy making. Designed for both kids and adults, X-Fun offers a hands-on approach to learning and creativity through the joy of making one's own toys.

Key Features

Beginner-Friendly Design: Tailored for ease of use, the X-Fun kit comes with simple, clear instructions and one-click printing capabilities, making it accessible even to those new to 3D printing.

Infinite Creativity: With components like winders, bearings, and LED-flashing counterweights, children can create a wide range of toys from dynamic spinners to mobile cars, offering endless possibilities for play and invention.

Seamless Printer Integration: X-Fun is designed to work effortlessly with any standard 3D printer, ensuring smooth conversion from digital designs to physical toys.

Expandable and Customizable: The kit encourages continuous creativity, allowing kids to expand their designs with additional parts or integrate with LEGO components, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of their creations.

Educational and Engaging: X-Fun isn't just about play; it's a powerful educational tool that teaches mechanics, engineering, and problem-solving through interactive and engaging activities.

Durable and Versatile: Made with high-quality materials, the toys created with the X-Fun kit are not only fun but also durable, designed to withstand the rigors of playful imagination.

X-Fun: Where Fun Meets Creativity and Education.

Dive into the world of 3D printing and toy creation – a perfect adventure for creative minds!


Program-Specific: Winder

Enhance your 3D-printed toys with multiple winder components, enabling movement and adding an interactive dimension to creations.


Program-Specific: Spinner

Incorporate various bearings and counterweights to design dynamic 3D-printed fidget spinners that captivate and entertain.


Program-Specific: DollMaker

Use standard connection accessories to assemble stick figure dolls that are customizable and fun to play with.


Program-Specific: CarMaker

Build fast-moving toy cars with mechanical assembly components that bring speed and excitement to the racetrack.


Excellence in Design

Crafted by an excellent design team, the X-Fun kit is thoughtfully created to ensure enjoyable and fulfilling play experiences.


Certified Quality

Though not specified here, all components are made to meet global standards, ensuring safety, durability, and reliability in each toy.


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