X-Racer: Unlimited Racing Car Creation Kit

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 X-Racer is the ultimate creation kit for young racing enthusiasts. It lets them design, build, and race their own custom remote-controlled cars!

Key Features

Easy for beginners: Pre-made modules and clear instructions make building a breeze, even for first-time 3D printers.

Endless fun: Race pre-designed cars, SUVs, or tracked vehicles. Plus, X-Racer is LEGO-compatible for ultimate customization!

Learning through play: Kids develop creativity, problem-solving skills, and gain hands-on experience with engineering.

Packed with power: Long range control, high-speed motor, and precise steering let them dominate the race!

X-Racer: Where 3D Printing Meets Racing Fun!

lets kids design, 3D print, and race their own custom vehicles. From sleek racers to battle bots, the possibilities are endless!


Versatile Design Options

With the X-Racer, the possibilities are limitless. Kids can create everything from sleek race cars and durable SUVs to imaginative battle robots. The kit supports various vehicle designs, encouraging users to explore and innovate continually.


Easy Integration with 3D Printers

The X-Racer is designed to seamlessly integrate with any standard 3D printer. This compatibility allows for easy creation of customized vehicle parts, making the transition from design to reality smooth and enjoyable.


User-Friendly Experience

Aimed at making engineering accessible to young minds, the X-Racer features one-click printing and easy-to-assemble chassis core modules. This simplicity ensures that even beginners can start building and enjoying their creations without a steep learning curve.


Expandable and Customizable

The kit's design encourages expansion and customization. Users can enhance their vehicles with additional printed parts or integrate LEGO-compatible components to take their designs to the next level.


Educational and Fun

The X-Racer is not just about play. It's a valuable educational tool that helps children develop hands-on skills, understand mechanical and engineering principles, and learn through active, engaging play.


High-Performance Racing

Equipped with a high-speed and high-torque motor, an effective remote-control range of 15-20 meters, and 180° digital servo for precise steering, the X-Racer is built to perform. Whether racing in a straight line or navigating complex tracks, it promises a reliable and exhilarating racing experience.


Quality and Compatibility

The kit includes professional-grade remote control handles and high-quality power transmission parts, ensuring durability and compatibility with popular building components like LEGO.


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